3 June 11:30 - 14:30Orkla Foods Sverige

Meet our speakers and learn more about how gender equality unleashes a range of positive financial and development outcomes. Gender equality is at the same time an essential part of sustainable development. Learn how to use gender equality as a tool for business development and how it can be used as a key factor for companies to be a competitive business partner and employer.

We will also be talking about our behavioral patterns and gender stereotypes, how they form us and influence us. What are the benefits of creating a diverse team for individuals, companies and society?. We will get to know some good examples from industries which managed to do that.

Last but not least, networking and fun!


Irja Berntson
Equality consultant @ Fabrik 5

Be norm creative!

The origins of norms and gender stereotypes, how we as individuals, as companies and as a society, can challenge them and the benefits of doing so.

Irja Berntson

Equality consultant Irja Berntson has long experience of giving lectures and leading business development processes in the fields of equality and anti-discrimination. Her lectures are inspiring eye-openers and provide motivation and tools to raise the quality of work through diversity.

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Lars Gunnarsson
Deputy Managing Director, Digital & Business Operations Food IoS @ IKEA of Sweden, Business Area Food

Lars Gunnarsson joined IKEA Food in 2017

“It’s been almost 20 years now that I have worked for IKEA. Developing the digital business is my core competence, but what truly makes IKEA unique for me is our value based culture.”

Coming with a background as Global IT Infrastructure Manager and CEO for a software development company, Lars joined IKEA as Data Centre Manager securing global IT infrastructure and support in 2001, before becoming manager of the IKEA Wembley store in London, UK in 2008. From there his IKEA journey brought him back to Älmhult, the heart of IKEA, leading digitalization of Supply Chain and Range before joining Food.

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Jesper Fundberg
Ph.D. in ethnology and researcher on masculinity @ Kultur & Samhälle AB

If masculinity is the problem, why change women?

Jesper's presentation will focus on the discourse dimension of power and ask questions on as well as adress masculinity as a problematic issue.

Jesper Fundberg

Jesper holds a Ph D and is a lecturer at Malmö University from 2006 to present, Leadership program for men from 2006-2014, Swedish Police Authority from 2018 to present.

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Preliminary Agenda



Light Lunch


Welcome by Fempack


Welcome by Orkla Foods


Be norm creative!

Irja Berntsson, Equality Consultant @ Fabrik 5


Keynote 2

Lars Gunnarsson, Deputy Managing Director @ IKEA Foods




Keynote 3

Desirée Erlingsson, Managing Director @ Skanem


Keynote 4

Jesper Fundberg, Ph.D. in ethnology and researcher on masculinity @ Kultur & Samhälle AB


Group Discussion


Wrap up




End of the day

By Packbridge at Orkla Foods

When: June 3, 11:30-17:00
: Orkla Foods Sverige, Isbergs gata 9b, Malmö

fempack steering group

Emelie Törn

Project Manager @ Empack - EasyFairs

Teresa Ewing

Packaging Solution Engineer @ IKEA of Sweden

Sara Bergendorff

Project Manager @ Returpack AB

Consuelo Giordani

Managing Director @ Ecol Studio Consulting

Helena Wiksäter

Senior Key Account Manager @ Skanem

Helena Lindh

Environment Executive @ Tetra Pak 

Hannah Franzel

Packaging Developer, Innovation @ Orkla Foods

Cecilia Tofterö

Packaging development consultant @ Tofterö.se

Katrin Molina-Besch

PhD. Institutionen för Designvetenskaper @ Lunds Tekniska Högskola

Svetlana Eskebaek

Business Development @ Packbridge